Friday, October 1, 2010

Some Pics

Ayla Faye and her " kitten " Mulberry. He looks absolutely massive doesn't he? If you scroll down to the post I made in June, there's a pic of them on Ayla's Birthday. You can see how much he's grown in a few short months
"Henrietta" our oldest heifer 14 months old. She'll be bred before we move the cows up to the barn in December. She is so tame, she's almost a pain! We adore her.......

"Teeny" just exiting the milk parlor, trying to get past the barn cats that are eagerly awaiting their share. Teeny is a lovely cow, milks like crazy and has a really great attitude. I so hope I get a heifer from her!

"Happy" cow and her daughter "Henrietta". Can you see the resemblance, LOL! They are the calmest, friendliest cows I've ever had! I hope they continue to pass that along to all their future calves.

Finished with milking, Zoie is walking them across the bridge and back to pasture. I hope these times will be remembered as sweetly for Zoie as they are for me. Zoie actually took all these pics, except this last one, while I milked tonight.