Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Cheese Nun

I finally watched this most interesting documentary yesterday. I think I may have to own this one.
I ordered it through Netflix. Here is the brief description that came with it:

Explore the world of artisanal cheese with Sister Noella Marcellino, a Benedictine nun who visits France to probe the mysteries that make every cheese unique. Marcellino ventures from farmstead to aging room to laborotory, reveling in the fungi and microorganisms that are as essential to cheese as terroir is to wine. This homage to fromage is an unabashed celebration of the science, craft and humanity of cheesemaking.

I absolutely loved the footage of the French countryside and the remote cheesemakers. The cows were gorgeous! They looked like fat Herefords but with nice dairy udders. The sister herself milked and made cheese from their own herd of Dutch Belted cows back at the Abbey. Hand milked, I might add.

Going to the local builders supply tommorrow and ordering all the windows and lumber etc. for the farm store. I will document the process. We also went to see the midwives on Tuesday. Baby is big and healthy, active, and we were all blown away when we heard that strong steady heartbeat! I can honestly say it is no less thrilling with the sixth baby, than it was with the first. I almost cried. Speaking of crying, poor Ida May has had a harrowing week. Monday she somehow fell while dragging a large metal chair, pulling it over on top of her and smaking herself right across the bridge of the nose! It swelled up and bruised most impressively, now on day four it has gone from purple/blue to a green/yellow color so I think that's a good sign? Then yesterday, ironically, just as we were on our way out the door to a Dr. appt, she slipped and hit her head on the door jam. There was some blood, and some drama but by the time we drove 20 minutes to the doctor it was looking much more benign and they told us nothing further needed to be done. Man, it's hard to be a two year old. So many diabolical plans, but those short stubby legs keep failing! Right now as I type she is prancing around in a Fancy Nancy dress and mismatched high heel shoes.
I'm so happy that today, the cows are already milked early and we have nowhere we need to be or anything we have to do. Perfect.


  1. oooh, ouch! It's a good thing 2 y/os are so resilient! I am familiar with Sister Noella's reputation. My shearer has gone on retreat at the convent. While he was hoping to work in the cheese room, he ended up scraping sheep hides! How exciting to hear your babe's heartbeat - all the best to you and family. We'll be watching for farm store updates.

  2. Your post just sounds peaceful, Jessika. Even with the mishaps with little Ida Mae. (I am glad she is all right.) I am so excited for you about the new baby and love hearing the little details of this part of your life. Thank you for sharing them. And the farm store is so exciting! The documentary sounds very interesting!

  3. The thrill of the heartbeat! NOTHING like it in the world! Congrats again!
    I am looking forward to seeing the farm store go up, that is such a cool and wonderful project.