Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clean Sheets

These are the first line dried sheets of 2009! The smell was pure heaven. That little pixie admiring them is 2 year old Ayla. We've decided it's spring even if it doesn't look it. Technically it's Spring. The calender says so. The animals say so. We have spring piglets being born, and cows getting ready to calve and shedding their thick winter coats. Admittedly, today, is definitely more reminiscent of Spring, with rain showers and MUD. Terrible stuff, but all I can think of is green grass and sunshine! It seems a little futile to be brushing the cows knowing they are gonna go slog through the mud to get to the hay feeder but I do anyway. Beretta and Chia, our biggest girls like to forgo the clean wooden platforms covered in fragrant pine shavings in the barn, in favor of a more " comfy " perch atop the good old expanding manure pile. all that cushion and therapeutic heat from decomposing hay and manure. Luckily I'm not milking either of them, and the cows may be moving out on a sacrificial pasture tomorrow to spend their days, coming back to the barn at night. Even though there isn't much green out there they still like to at least stretch their legs and go through the motions.

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