Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Starting seeds

Zinnia seedlings. Just seeing something green and growing, does wonders to lift the spirits! Yesterday it spit snow all day but we were inside starting more seeds and pretending it is Spring. We have a flat of zinnias for the kids flower garden, 2 flats of herbs started. Italian flat leaf parsley, rosemary, savory, sage, lemon balm, and of course sweet basil. I did notice a couple days ago that the daffodils and crocus are up. More green things, and the wettest part of the pasture is finally free of snow. Too early yet to move the cows out, I am so tempted anyway. It's too wet though, they would tear it up. Weather forecast actually had temps near 60 for Friday! Hooray!
Berretta, our cow due May 14th, is coming along nicely. Her ligaments are softening and she is starting to bag up. I can't wait for a new calf and plentiful milk again. The mini vacation from milking during mud season has actually been a pretty good idea.

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  1. nice pic of the seedlings.

    pucker up!