Saturday, October 10, 2009

Broken Glasses = More $$$

I don't think I can coax along my faithful glasses anymore. They've been good to me....suffered TONS of abuse as you can imagine with the farm and 5 kids. They no longer make these frames so the last time they broke my sister fixed them with some kind of shrink wrap. Yesterday, they snapped on the bridge of the nose. In a panic I did a hasty duct tape job. They barely stayed on my face long enough to get to the optometrist, where they were confirmed DOA.
The thing that really stinks is that we live so far from anywhere, which normally is a good thing except in circumstances like this. It has been 3 yrs since my last eye exam so I HAVE to have an exam, plus buy new glasses. It is not cheap, and I feel it's pretty urgent. I can't see to drive and get a headache if I'm not wearing them for very long. For a very temp fix we wrapped yarn around the bridge and then superglued that. Not too comfy or stylish.
I wondered why everyone was smiling and staring at me in Rite Aid yesterday. Funny thing is--I thought it must be because of the 44lbs I've lost. Finally, I thought, people are starting to notice I've lost weight. It wasn't until this morning that I realized it was the stinking glasses!
One last cute story:
Milking cows this morning, Ayla is splashing in a rather brown and dubious looking puddle. It was situated a bit downhill of the cow paddock. It no doubt had some nice cow poop in it. I said, " Ayla get out of the puddle, you don't have your boots on!"
She says, " But Henrietta's in it." Well, Henrietta is a COW!


  1. Hey Jessika, thought I'd share this - you can buy eyeglasses online in all price ranges. I've bought four pairs from and have been happy with them. One pair had something funky with one lens and they made up another pair for me right away. I just placed an order with that I should get in a couple of weeks. is another site a friend recommended, and their frames start at only $9.99!

  2. Amazing! Thank you so much, I was gonna look online, but had no idea where to look!

  3. I love your stories, too, even though I don't comment often. The recent one about you singing in the barn made me laugh out loud. I also realized that I do the same thing but no one's ever walked in on me. But have any of you ever noticed that cows find a dancing human to be a horrifying sight? If I dance around Elsie, she stares at me and looks like her eyes will pop out!

    Oh one other thing, Jessika - when you have your eye exam, ask for your prescription and make sure they include the PD - pupillary distance. You'll need that to order glasses online along with the rest of the 'script info.

  4. Thank you, I'm gonna go check out frames now!
    I'm so glad I have some of these stories written down now. You know how you always think you'll remember them forever but how soon we forget!