Thursday, October 29, 2009

Every Party has a Pooper......

.......And this week that pooper is me! I apologize but there will be no cheese this week. There will however still be plenty of milk, cream, and yogurt. I am feeling a little underappreciated, and am frankly a bit overwhelmed. Ayla started on her insulin pump on Tuesday and that has not been without much trial and tribulation, and a new pump getting sent overnight to us. I actually had a pretty bad case of mastitis myself, for the first time of nursing 5 different kids. Fever, chills, EXTREME tenderness. No wonder cows kick when they have mastitis.
The icing on the cake is that today I backed into some cement blocks and took the side mirror off the van and scratched up the passenger door. Can you say distracted driver? I was in a hurry to milk the cows, checking on the sheep, Ayla was having a low blood sugar episode, Ida May was teething and crying and honestly I completely forgot those blocks were there.
I only play a superhero on T.V. In reality, I'm but a mere human. I'm tired. Rundown. Just plain had too many things on my mind. I'm really sad about the van, telling Dante felt exactly like being a teenager with a new driver's license and having to work up the courage to tell Mom and Pop that you just ran over a mailbox and said mailbox is implanted in the windshield.
I should probably sell a heifer to pay for the damage and my new glasses at the same time, which I still haven't gotten because there are always things that need the money more. I think glasses just got bumped up the priority list. Sigh.
Told you it was a pity party.


  1. Jessika, I have been thinking about you. Please take care of yourself. I will be in touch soon. oxoxoxox

  2. Sending you hugs Jessika! You certainly do have a lot on your plate, umm platter. I hope you are feeling better soon and that the new pump works out. You are an inspiration to me--not because you do so much but becasue you freely admit when you have too much and can let go of something (cheesemaking) that is a lesson I am still trying to learn. Hoping your day gets better and the sun shines for you! xoxo Liz

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon, the cheese is happy to wait until you've revamped.