Monday, November 2, 2009

Firewood and Family Memories

Our Waterford woodstove. About the only thing I enjoy about winter is sidling up next to this old boy and warming my bones up. There is hardly any better comfort. BUT if we want to enjoy this............

We have to endure this.Dante is barely visible there in between the piles of split and unsplit wood.In all honesty I don't mind doing the wood. Dante would say that's probably because he's done 90% of it himself this year!

We like to break them in young. Even Ida May gets to help load firewood in the wheelbarrow.

Trusty wheelbarrow loaded with wood. I fill them, and Dante stacks them.

The Three Stooges. Larry, Moe and Curly. I'll let you decide who's who. Don't they look just a tiny bit guilty? A little too smiley?

Timeless fun. Rolling a tire down a hill.

Ida May doing what Ida May's do best. Looking absolutely adorable! Nature's design, to make sure you still love them even when they keep you up all night and are teething.

Veda looking pretty, and pretending to help.

Big Guy splitting the wood. Usually I covet that job but not this year. The logs were HUGE! I've already bounced back from one tweak to the back, don't need another just yet. Gotta save that brawn for shoveling cow poop. My Mom loves putting in the wood. I didn't much cotton to the idea as a kid, too many spiders, and my Dad, frustrated with 3 daughters and only 1 son to help him, used to get a little worked up. Must be a Dad thing, cause I thought of my Mom today, while straightening out my back and breathing in the good Fall air. and realized I was smiling. The kids were rosy cheeked running around and Ida May plopped herself in a puddle soaking herself through. I was a little sad to head in the house.


  1. Oh that stove does look nice. We don't have wood heat here and I really wish we did. Nothing beats the way radiant heat makes a cold body feel. Then again that looks like a lot of work just to bring in let alone to cut, split and season.

  2. Wood heat is the best! It is a lot of work, Rick.
    But is is pretty seasonal in nature. Wood is delivered and cut in late winter, seasoned all summer, and split and stacked in late Fall. It really should be seasoned longer, but we're not that far ahead of the game!

  3. Just cleaned out my chimney this weekend getting ready to start burning. I can't wait!