Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm Halfway There......

As of today, I've officially lost 47lbs! That is half way toward my weightloss goal of 94lbs. I started this journey on Father's Day, and would like to reach my goal by Father's day 2010. Not sure if I'll make it by that point or not but I'm grateful for the progress so far! I do a whole lot more running, than I've done in years. Even if its just after the kids and cows.
I was gonna take a pic to preserve the milestone, but I need a shower and time to make wreaths anyway. Maybe I'll edit with a pic tommorrow.


  1. You are absolutely awesome! What a wonderful milestone!


  2. Congrats!!!! What a fantastic accomplishment!!!

  3. How great you must feel about yourself! Imagine having that kind of discipline amidst all your stress! Hooray for you!

  4. How wonderful, that is such a huge milestone and dedication :)

    You look great BTW!!