Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seven Things about Kreativ Bloggers

Many thanks to Kirstin, over at It's Not You It's Brie, for passing along this award. In turn, I am to list seven things about me you probably don't know, and implore seven others, worthy of this honor, to do the same.
Here we go. Some random info about me you probably wish you never knew!

* I sometimes milk the cows in red high heels. They appreciate the effort IMMENSELY.

* I'm scared of the dark and the boogeyman. Always have been, probably at this point always will be.

* I watch The Real World on MTV, because its REAL, right? wink, wink. Now THAT is embarassing to admit!

* I can't make pancakes without burning them. Not sure what the prob is there. I've been called a fairly good cook........

* Our last 3 daughters were all born at home, in our log cabin. Over 30lbs of chubby cuteness, and a few hours of HARD work.

* I was a vegetarian for 15 years. Obviously NOT for the last 5 years.

* I fear I might turn orange if I don't lay off this crazy carrot addiction. I catch myself checking out the whites of my eyes to make sure there isn't an orange hue to them.

That was fun! Part 2. Now I pass it on to you!
I'd like to know 7 things about:

Tammy at T. Cupp Miniatures and Family Cows

Liz at Lucky Lizard Ranch

Nita at Throwback at Trapper Creek

Selden at Fairhope Farm

Swamp Creek Farm

Tabitha at life at home

Northview Diary

Here's an extra:
I don't know how to make the titles of your blogs link directly to your blog. Anyone care or have the patience, LOL, to enlighten me?


  1. When you are writing your blog, use the curser to highlight the text you want to have the link. Then click on the little button just above the text box, the thing that looks like a green planet with a bubble coming out of it. It should read 'link' when you hold the mouse arrow over it.

    Another box will pop up. In the box you type (or copy/paste) the web address of the site you want the text to link to. Hit okay. Easy peasey!

    And don't worry about watching the Real World, I went through a phase where I was hooked on 'America's Next Top Model'. Now that's embarrassing. Thankfully I was able to kick the habit.

  2. Thanks, Jess! My name is Joyce but my friends call me jp. Seven little known things about me: (1) I was born in Louisiana; (2) I want to have a couple of dairy goats and pigs, but am afraid of big animals; (3) I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up; (4) my dream is to write a best selling book some day; (5)I love to play the piano; (6) I often travel out-of-body at night with others and help people; (7)I wanted to have 12 children and live in a big farm house! LOL (Fun post!)

  3. Hmmm, here goes. 1) I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up and dig up treasures from ancient Rome, Egypt or Israel.
    2) I really like the sarcasm of House on the show by the same name 3) I hate having homework
    4) I am capable of killing all my homework time on KFC! 5)I have a book inside me that hasn't found its voice yet 6)I can live on milk and coffee, really. 7)I simply must have flowers in my life and yard!

  4. Good ones, guys! Jo, I did as you explained and it still didn't work? I'll try again in a little bit, I have a good book, cozy fire, and a rocking chair beckoning to me! The kids are actually semi-content, now's my chance!

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  6. Here's the Google Help explanation of how to link, which is much better than mine:


    Sorry I had to delete my last comment, sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain thinks.

  7. Jessika, sorry I have not been over here to visit this week. It's been a crazy week for us but I promise to give this some thought and get back within the next few days!

    Thanks for including me! What a fun idea!

    I will return! :-)

  8. Ok, I will give this a shot! :-)

    1. I lived in the middle of a cow pasture, in a dilapidated trailer with my family and worked in a commercial chicken house before I had offically reached my teen years.

    2. I worked on a dairy in Delta Junction, Alaska in exchange for beef and milk while working three other part time jobs just because I wanted to be able to be able to feed my kids "real food".

    3. I have been married three times. I was married TWICE to the same man for a total of 15 years before I finally realized that I deserved to be treated better. My wonderful husband, Mike, and I have been married for four years this month.

    4. I have worked as a legal secretary, a library aide, an information officer for the Alaska State Legislature, in a hardware store, at a drive in, a janitor, a house cleaner, a dispatcher for a police department, a dispatcher for a plumbing company, an armed security guard, an assistant to a project manager, at Walmart, an aide for emotionally disturbed children, an aide for physically handicapped children, an aide for mentally and physically handicapped adults, in a floral shop, and most recently, my favorite job........a farmer!

    5. I can't swim.

    6. I have lived in Alaska, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, Wyoming,Montana, Colorado, California and Virginia. I have travelled to most of the 50 states and large portions of Canada.

    7. I sleep with my son's baby blanket under my pillow and freak out in the middle of the night if I can't find it.

  9. This was so much fun, thanks for playing along! My hands are covered in pitch from making balsam wreaths,I'm just not a gloves kinda girl. Or maybe I haven't found the right pair yet.....

  10. Jessika, thanks so much for the award! I haven't had time to read blogs lately - so I am a little late!

    I can't think of too much that hasn't been already revealed on my blog - I lead a pretty boring existence. But the thread of cow owners must run in similar patterns, I too could live on coffee and raw milk, I can't swim, and I am convinced I already lived on my farm in a different life.

    Thanks again for thinking of me :)