Thursday, January 28, 2010

Divine Intervention?

This is Madeline. The pic doesn't do her justice, she is an ADORABLE good-natured heifer. Two years old and bred for a late spring calf. She was as good as DEAD this morning, in fact I thought she was.
7:00 a.m. Dante leaves for work, but is back a couple minutes later. Flat tire. So I get dressed, throw the kids in the car and get set to drop him off at work. The field where Madeline and 2 other heifers, the bulls, and our sheep live is a 1/2 mile from our house and the dairy barn, so I don't see these cows unless I'm leaving the house or checking on them. In this case I wouldn't have seen them until we left 5 hours later, to deliver cheese.
While hurrying by, I see legs in the air and then a head curled back, eyes rolled up into her head.
" One of my heifers died! Stop! " I yell, and fly out of the van in my pajamas to go see what the heck happened. Once I reached the gate, I saw an ear flicker and then yelled, " She's ALIVE ! You've got to get the bull back, I'm going in! " So Dante, dressed for work in a button down shirt, tie, and dress shoes, chases off Wolfie, ( In hind-sight a rather ominous sounding name for a Jersey Bull ) and he grabs her by the collar, righting her head and neck into a better position, while I start trying to roll her back up on her brisket. Dante actually dragged her a couple feet,out of a hole she was in, I think. Once she was on her brisket, she lurched and rose to her feet and staggered a few steps.
Whew! That was extremely close. I don't think she had much time left, and definitely would have been dead by the time I found her.
What happened? She had apparently laid down on a mound of hay with a depression like a big bowl behind her. She got her head down hill of her body. This is a big No-No for cows. They will bloat and then suffocate, and I think are even crushed by the weight of their organs and stomach contents when placed in this head downhill position.
Just a terrible fluke. I can't help but keep thinking that this had to have been Divine Intervention. A chain of events that nornally wouldn't have happened ( flat tire necessitating a ride to work ) , but put us at the right place at the right time. Just when she needed us.
Thank You, God! I appreciate the helping hand. Do you like milk and cookies?


  1. Wow! What a scare! I am so thankful that God was looking out for you all and that beautiful heifer! Definitely does not sound like a coincidence!

  2. She is pregnant too, so I am TWICE as thankful!We'll have to think of an appropriate name for the calf. If I even remember what happened by then, LOL!

  3. If it's a heifer, how about 'Divinity'? Or is that a dessert? Either way, it sounds pretty. :)

  4. Oh my! How good that you came along in time. They can go so fast in those types of predicaments.

  5. Wow! I am glad you found her in time. I LOVE!!!! providence!

    Hey Jessica, have you checked into a companion dog for Ayla?

    My friend in Lafayette is getting one for her son who has type 1 diabetes.

    The dog alerts on lows. I think we should have a fund raiser and get you one for Ayla. You could rest more knowing that she was watched over while you sleep, and this dog will grow with her 12 years at least. Then we could help get her another one because as a grown up, you tend to not notice the lows, but the nerve and organ damage is still being done. These dogs are working dogs and can accompany her anywhere. They are 10,000.00 and like a seeing eye dog, take a year to get, but we could pay this dog off in a year. What say you? Wanna try? We could pray, beg, and pray some more.....

  6. Divinity or Providence. I like BOTH of those suggestions!
    That's very generous about the dog. I am touched, but I don't think it would work right now, my husband is allergic to dogs. I have thought about that option when she moves out or goes to college. Believe me, I would love someone else on HIGH ALERT with us at night.

  7. Providence, because she'll be a provider of goodness. Divinity is a fancy old fashioned candy, my granny used to make it every Christmas.

  8. Ooooooooh, Regina, you just made me like both of those names even more! Now I just need some little heifer calves. The weather has turned brutally cold with horrid wind chills, sounds about right for calving and engorged difficult to milk udders! Cheers!

  9. Oh My Gosh! Jessika it is a miracle that you all happened to be there at just the right moment to save her life. Your account of it gave me chills.
    Either name sounds perfectly appropriate! I hope you do get scads of heifer calves! :-)

  10. I know you had to be scared out of your wits when you saw her like that! I'm so grateful she's all right.