Friday, January 22, 2010

We Have Holes In Our Ears......

Yesterday, Zoie and I had gift certificates to get our ears pierced. I used to wear earrings but pretty much gave it up 10 years ago when all our little earring pulling babies started coming. I decided to get it done again, and after some intial resrvation Zoie bravely got hers done too.


  1. Beautiful! Your haircut is really pretty too!

  2. You look great! I am always amazed how just a little touch like that will make me feel better.

    Zoie is looking quite grown up too.

    Had to check in and see if there was a calf yet... :)

  3. You are so kind! My haircut in that pic is called, " winter hat head ". It really is much nicer after a hot shower!
    It's so true how a little personal change can be so refreshing.
    No calf yet. Her back end looks ready, but that udder is no where near where it needs to go to be imminent. Steady progress though, from each milking it grows more.
    Can't wait!

  4. The only ones with nose rings are the greedy calves who refuse to be weaned! ( Spiky weaning rings )

  5. zoie has to wait until shes 16, then maybe if she wishes she can get a nose ring as long as her behavior is up to par:)))


  6. Zoie, I love the earrings, they look great!!