Saturday, January 23, 2010

Latest Milk Test Results 1/11/10

I'll just hit the higlights. Both coliform and Standard plate count the same as last month. Low as you can go. SCC up a bit, no doubt due to milking late lactation cows on a once a day schedule 350,000 but still WELL below the standard limits of 750,000 for raw milk. Here's my shameless self-promotion points:

Butter Fat- 8.72
Solids Non-Fat- 10.53

No wonder I'm getting 3.8- 4 lb cheese yields from only 2 gallons of milk! Unreal!

I post my milk test results in order to provide full disclosure to my customers. It's a privilege to be able to legally sell raw milk and I'd like to set a good example and inspire confidence in my abilities to provide delicious, healthy, SAFE milk.


  1. Oh wow, I've been posting on your blog and none of my post are showing???
    Trying a test

  2. Weird..that went through!
    I'll try

    That's it great news on the tests! Proud to know you and the cows! ;0)
    I love the fuzzy cow pic.
    And the photo of newly pierced ears!

    What are you sew in the new space?

    I think that's all that is

  3. Your posts have been showing, Lynea. Thank you!
    Right now I'm working on projects to compliment my farm business. Vintage inspired aprons, farmer's market bags. Maybe tablecoths too. I'm not nearly the seamstress you are!

  4. O.k. I'm just a digbat sorry.
    I love your sewing plans! I just found an apron pattern that I want for myself, covers my legs for milking and big pockets for eggs, perfect :0)

    You just *think* I can sew. I don't show the things that didn't work I have a closet full of those things.

  5. We are our own toughest critics, aren't we? I know I am. I was thinking along the same line as you. I wanted a couple " milking " aprons, and the a couple white " creamery " aprons for making cheeses, and then I wanted some vintage looking aprons to sell at my stand at the markets alongside my cheeses and meats. I think my old sewing machine is toast. It was just a cheap model and got burnt out with the cloth diapers I was making.