Monday, January 25, 2010

Ride for the Cure... Can I do it?

My Mom called me about this funraising project with JDRF called Ride For the Cure.
She jokingly said she already signed up my 2 sisters and I for this ride. Basically, you raise a minimum donation to even be in the ride, I haven't figured out what that number is quite yet but I think it is thousand ( s ), so would require quite a bit of fundraising, AND it is a ride, not a race, of between 30-100 miles.
Don't laugh, I used to be quite an athlete, and let's face it I am determined to do ANYTHING to help find a cure for my daughter and all the other children and adults living with type 1 diabetes.
I know it would be a monumental physical task, but so is living everyday of your life with type 1 diabetes. I see what Ayla goes through. I'd love to show her anything is possible.
Of course, I would be signing on for the 30 mile stretch. JDRF provides trainers and I think lodging and meals for the riders.
Can I do this? Any cyclists out there? I think the training would also be the perfect opportunity to lose the last 44 lbs I'm determined to lose. My sister, Erika said, " Oh you'll lose 40 lbs alright!"
I must warn you, the more people tell me I CAN'T do it, the more insistant I'll become that I CAN.
I need a training partner. Anyone want to really get in shape? We've got until the middle of July.


  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Tammy!

  2. You can do 30, easy. 100 you can't't expect that did ya! lol
    Just kidding. For Ayla, I know you could swim the english channel.

  3. 30 miles on a road bike goes by like nothing. you'll have a blast.

  4. Figure out your regular work load and when you're going to train. Who's going to milk when you're gone? It's all logistics. It's very possible.


  5. I like the reverse psychology there, Lynea!
    From what I've been reading, ( like reading is the same as DOING !)30 miles should be doable. I hope!
    Finding someone to milk for me is challenging, last time I did--the cows were afraid of this strange guy and Gale actually plunged into the woods and wouldn't come out! But, I have 5-6 months to train someone. Any family cow types in Maine wanna volunteer?

  6. You can probably do it, I can see it in my minds eye, a tenspeed blazing down the highway with a bota bag full of buttermilk tied to the handlebars, and a wheel of hard cheese strapped to your back for a lite lunch, then on to victory!! Yeah, that's it, you CAN do it.

  7. That's funny! I was thinking I should have one of those " Powered by Raw Milk " t-shirts or something.