Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Margot

Have you ever tried to take a self portrait of yourself and a calf while struggling to hold the aforementioned calf? This is little Margot. She is still really tame and sweet. Althea, 6 weeks old, and Juliette, 3 weeks old, are both full of it now and while very interested in me---they are officially cheeky little nurslings that are hard to catch! I noticed that Althea's collar needs to be loosened. I'll have to try to make a leap for her, and somehow loosen that collar.

Maddy is very good about milking but has a tiny little udder. I think that Margot will be able to take care of it pretty soon. Maddy is so small, that I can't use the milker hanging on its strap but have to crouch next to her and hold it up. Those of you who have held an EMPTY surge milker, can appreciate how difficult this is! Do you think I could add a few rivets or something to the strap to make it fit her?

Maddy has learned the routine and even though she is so picked on, readily makes her way to the gate to be milked, and doesn't she LOVE her little baby.

I need to make a few changes in the barn, and I think I found someone to help me. We'll see if it works out. The milk parlor needs a fresh coat of white paint, and I would do just about anything if someone who doesn't have a pathological fear of spiders ( like I do ) could come in and sweep down those barn spider webs. At least in the areas I spend most of my time. I'm sure the spiders are beneficial, but after having one drop down my chest while milking last summer, I don't want to have a repeat! And you wouldn't believe it but I saw a couple moths outside on the deck off the bedroom. MOTHS! How is that possible? You all know how I feel about moths!
Gooseberry's kittens are fat as can be, and opening their eyes. She still tries to frequently move them into the coldest, dankest corners but we're on to her. It is a bit annoying.
Brie hasn't calved yet, but boy is she close. I'm sure we are probably due for a bull calf, that's okay, I've really lucked out with 4 out of 5 calves being heifers.


  1. Nothing like babies to make it feel like spring! Love the self portrait. The calf is beautiful and you look great, Jessika!

  2. Thanks, Tammy! Babies everywhere these days...