Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Still Here !

Here's a pic of Zoie and I, checking out the pasture--wishing it was greener! I told Dante I want a cabin in that pasture so I can wake up with the cows grazing right outside of the door. He says, " Then the cows will crap on your front porch." and I say, " Well the big ones won't. " I really wouldn't mind. I'd just keep a shovel by the door and clear a pathway!

Things are alright. I keep it in perspective. The kids are all well--we've enjoyed this warm spell.

I've pretty much decided that the cows are moving out to pasture--ready or not---I'll just sacrifice one area. I need to have a break from the intense barn work, and they are just dying to get out anyway. I absolutely LOVE , walking the cows back and forth along our 1/2 mile wooded driveway to be milked, and returning them to pasture. I can't tell you what that quiet time does for my soul. I usually have a whole flock of kids along to " help ". It is as close to a perfect time as any.

I need to go back and calculate Berretta's calving date. I think she's due sooner than the " middle of May " date I've had in my head. I am a bit nervous, but have to remember we did this whole calving routine dozens of times without a glich and Berretta is an old pro. She'll be the last cow to calve, and in fact no one is even bred back yet. I want March - May calving dates next year.

The bulls are bored and have Spring fever, and a gate left untied was all it took for an escape today. I knew they'd make their way up to the barn. Wasn't much a woman and 5 kids were gonna do about it really! especially a woman in a whirlwind trying to finish yogurt and making cheese! I blame them for putting me behind schedule and making me late---ALL DAY LONG--!

We are waiting for Zoie to get home, so we can have a gate opener, while we go in a cut the bulls out of the milk herd, and take them back where they belong.

We were all at one of the last pee wee basketball games, Zoie plays. She has come a long way, but I can tell she favors me more than Dante in the team sports arena. I was always better at running, horseback riding, those type of things. I hated little league. I used to go out in the outfield, and sit down and pick flowers. Didn't even notice the game going on really.

You see.. I've always taken time to stop and smell the roses.


  1. what a nice photo. a cabin to camp in sound great. bring a clean bucket and milk container on a wagon and you could just walk back with all the milk. sounds idyllic to me.


  2. You know, I should fashion one of those Alpine cheesemaking huts. Big, copper wood- fired cheese kettle.

  3. oooh better yet. big wheels of stilton cheese ripening in the cellar. oops that is a little more than a cabin isn't it?

  4. Ahhhh, but I've got the perfect place for a cellar, up in the woods we have a natural spring and could build a spring house over it or somehow have a cave with water running through it! You gotta dream big!

  5. Don't give up dreaming big. But don't forget to put that dilapidated lawn chair in the green house (free, used, emu house). I now have a warm place to sit for cheap and ugly. ;)) The doable stuff is fun too.

    I'm still dreaming of an add on green house, using our front door. Glass, wrought iron decorations, etc. Teak lounge, etc.

  6. Sounds a bit like my farmer's hot tub....the water trough! Your add on greenhouse sounds lovely!