Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cow Pics

The herd grazing. Notice the babies learning how to be good graziers from their Moms. This is key if you want to be grass based.

Teeny. A fabulous cow, giving 5+gallons a year into lactation.

Happy and Henrietta. Happy has a bad knee, that got her kicked out of her former dairy, but she does pretty good here on grass.

Jules on babysit detail. The heifer calves are Juliette and Margot.

Baby Margot. Just the sweetest little thing EVER.

I took these pics today of the cows. My Mom said I was seriously slacking with my blog, so I hope to make up for it with some nice pics. I tried to upload one last pic but it quit on me. This was an embarassing pic of me after I got a little too cocky trying to jump the brook and fell in.
Muddy, and reflective I sloshed a 1/2 mile up hill back to the house. There is photographic just got lost in cyberspace somewhere.


  1. Nice! We just got ours out too and our little Jersey, Heather, always leads them out and in.. It is a fine sight on a nice spring day to see them spread out across the hillside grazing.

  2. It's hard to keep up with a blog this time of year, isn't it?! Great pictures!

  3. Yeah!!!! I was so excited to see a new blog and all the puictures!!! Awesome-I loved it!!

  4. It is so hard to keep up with EVERYTHING right now!

  5. I never tire of looking at Jerseys! I'm with you on the blogging! I just can't keep up now!