Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Water Rafting

We went this last weekend! I didn't want to post anything until after we got back and everyone survived. We have found a wonderful babysitter and she and my Mom joined forces and managed to keep the kids alive and happy! This is the first weekend away I've had since becoming a Mom 11 years ago.
The friends we went with are wonderful and I feel like we all got to know each other even better.
My stomach hurt from laughing so much. I was afraid of falling out, not because I was afraid of dying but I was worried about some poor soul having to haul me back in again. Let's just say the wet suit didn't look quite as flattering on me as it does on those girls at Sea World. Oh well.
The cows were all a dither with the change in routine and it has been rough getting them sorted out again, but it was worth it. I am refreshed and ready for lots of summer fun! Took the kids swimming the last 2 days, and then got caught in a downpour walking the cows to the barn for milking. Zoie was with me and I said, " I really don't what to do if we get caught in bad lightning!"
Thankfully I didn't have to make a decision. There are so many bonus points to getting in shape, and outrunning the cows and lightning are just a few of them!


  1. Good for you for relaxing and having fun!

  2. Just takes a weekend to really refresh your mind. Love the idea of you and Zoie running from cows and lightning. Go, girls!!!

  3. rafting is so much fun. i imagine it will be eleven years before we get a chance like that.


  4. Sounds like you had a great time! Yippee! So happy for you!

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