Monday, May 10, 2010

My Homage to Fromage ( Blanc that is...)

Raw Creamline Milk $5 per gallon, $3 per 1/2 gallon (plastic)

Raw Jersey Cream $4 per pint

Whole Milk Yogurt, Plain $3.25 per 16 oz glass jarOR$5.50 per glass quart

Flavored Yogurt $ 2.50 per 8 oz glass jar, $4 per 16 oz glass jar,OR$6 per glass quart
Flavors: Red Raspberry, Strawberry Fields, or Ginger Peach

Fromage Blanc, Plain $4 per 8 oz

Lemon Thyme Cheese Spread $5 per 8 oz

Basil and Purple Onion Cheese Spread $5 per 8 oz

Garlicky Chive Cheese Spread $5 per 8 oz

Fig and Honey Cheese Spread $6 per 8 oz

Thanks!Jessika, Family and Cows

I am now like a crazy catatonic cheesemaking fool! Today I spent the day being a good little homemaker, but will pay for that tonight. Good things are happening around the farm. Fields are looking good, calves are growing and surprisingly well-behaved. Garden is doing well, need to cover some plants there may be a frost tonight. I hope not! I'm thinking about raising some meat chickens again, and have an interesting proposition for a certain person in regards to that. Other than that I'm reading a stack of good books.
Food Inc.
Fast Food Nation
House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Four Season Harvest by Elliot Coleman
Untold Story of Milk
Actually I've read all of them except House Rules SEVERAL TIMES. They are classics! I've also been invited to present at Career Day at the local school. If anyone has any ideas about what content and articles to display please give me ideas! I guess if all else fails I'll take some pics of the cows, maybe some cheese samples and just talk about what I do. Right? I'm rather distracted these days and can barely write let alone speak!
The kittens are almost 7 weeks old and I really dread trying to home some of them, we all love them so much! I really wish we could just promise to spay/neuter EVERYONE and keep all four.
Berretta is the last cow to calve. I had her due on 5/21 but I don't think she'll go that far. Wow, is her udder even bigger than last year! She is 6, and I'd say hitting prime production. She is one of the most trouble free cows I own. Such a pleasure to work with. I'm nervous because of Brie, but I need to have a good experience to put that last horrific one to rest. I think she's having a bull, that's okay. She gave me a heifer last year.


  1. Will be thinking of Berretta and sending good thoughts for a healthy delivery. My Mayfield is due around the 28th and I noticed today she is just starting to bag up.

  2. You always have such yummy sounding dairy things listed on your website. Are you sure you don't deliver out to Minnesota?

  3. I am reading House Rules right now too. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. :) Good luck with the kittens. I'd love to have one but BJ is allergic. Now that the weather is getting nice, we'll have to plan something fun.

  4. I don't suppose you would post on Family cow or here your recipe for the cheese spread?