Monday, December 28, 2009

First Seed Catalogs are Here !

I can't believe it! Fedco seeds , and Johnny's Selected Seeds arrived today. These are both Maine companies, but certainly both at least nationally renowned for their good quality and organic seeds and supplies. We're getting a little snow tonight, major drop in temps tommorrow and I am dreaming of starting seeds and planning next year's garden! I also want to expand on all the perennial flower gardens I started last year, and hopefully start a cut flower garden to take to farmer's market next year as well.

What are some of your favorite sources for organic/ heirloom/ rare seeds? Any cool varieties, or favorites? Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Happy late solstace! The first seed catalogs are always a celebration. I have enjoyed Seed Savers Exchange for their variety, though they are a bit pricey. Seeds of Change also has a few neat heirloom spp. Fedco is the best I've found for value in bulk. Have fun thinking of spring!

  2. I too like SSE and Seeds of Change, usually get a very high rate of germination. The cut flower gardens call to me too. I have one big unorganized plot with sunflowers, zinnia, marigold, coneflower, 4:00's, dahlia, etc in it. I usually say it is for the bees, but I can admit that having a couple of arrangements of fresh flowers in the house all summer is very uplifting to me.
    I am about ready to break out the graph paper and start planning next year's garden!

  3. Hi, Jess! I'm getting deluged with seed catalogs, too. Love it, love it! Anyway, I really like Horizon Herbs and Nichols Garden Nursery because all of Horizon's seeds are certified organic and both Horizon and Nichols carry some more of the unusual seeds. I will be buying herb and flower seeds this year from them. I like to buy my gardening supplies like row cover from Johnnysseeds. Happy catalog roaming!

  4. Wow, thanks guys! Good to know about the high germination rates, nothing more disappointing than waiting for those precious little plants to come up and only getting a few wispy seedlings that you have to valiantly nurse and coddle! I've never heard of Horizon Herbs or Nichols, but they sound like exactly what I'm looking for!
    It's 3.7 degrees out with a ferocious wind, that just sucks the air out of your lungs! I'm stalling going outside, I just know all the cow poop is frozen to the floor, and my Surge REALLY hates weather like this!

  5. I noticed on your profile there is no mention of a husband, are you a single mother doing all of this, or do you have a husband? If you are doing this completely alone you are not human, and dont know where you get the energy??? You are Amazing!


  6. Nancy,
    I'm a married lady and not all that amazing! My husband prefers to not be mentioned all that much on the blog, and while he helps out with the farm he certainly doesn't enjoy it, and he has allergies to the animals which doesn't help. I just really like working on our farm and being with my children. If I can make some money while doing it but still be with my kids, now THAT would be amazing!I appreciate the compliment, I actually have WAY more energy with my recent weightloss.