Thursday, December 10, 2009

Milk Test Results 11/30/09

Here's the results from our latest milk test, sampled by Maine Department of Agriculture Milk Quality Laboratory.

Test -Our Results
Antibiotics- NF ( none found )
Butter Fat 6.3%
Coliform <1epcc ( this is the lowest you can get )
Solids Non-Fat 9.2 ( this is high and very good for cheese!)
Standard Plate Count <2500epac ( this is the lowest you can get )

For some reason they didn't do the SCC. That's a shame I like seeing how their somatic cells are.
Overall the cows are producing very high fat milk that is also high in solids for cheesemaking and yields more cheese per gallon of milk than lower component milk. The standard plate count is an overview of all bacteria and reflects the health of our cows udders and also how clean our equipment is. Seeing as how it was as low as it can go, we're doing a good job! I'm very happy!


  1. Great job. Thanks for explaining what that all means. Keep it up, Sis.

  2. Thank you! I've been making Farmhouse Cheddar all week and the yields have been amazing!

  3. maybe when you have time you could write a post and share some pictures of your milking routine..Us newbies find those visuals helpful