Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I need your cracker recipes....

So,I've recovered from my mini breakdown. I hope I don't come across as having multiple personalities! We ( ME, MYSELF, and I,...and Dante ) are having a party this weekend. Only this time it is for adults only. Yes, for the first time ever, all 5 of our children will be babysat overnight and I hope to enjoy some good ole adult company. Sometimes I'll even admit I've been spending too much time with the kids and the cows. When you spend your days cleaning up poop from multiple species, herding children and cows by waving your arms, clapping and yelling, " Move along, little doggie !!! " and just bursting into gales of laughter when someone farts----I think you need a little more adult converstaion!
Upon receiving an invite, one of the other pee-wee basketball parents said, " What's gonna be the entertainment? " I said, " Hopefully not me! " I'm gonna need a few drinks to cope with Ayla being babysat, and I do LOVE to sing and dance. I wouldn't recommend getting frisky while washing your milk machine with dairy detergent and vinegar. I managed to splash this concoction past my new glasses and right in my eye a couple nights ago. This was followed by even more frantic movements and hollering. Honestly, Dante didn't even bat an eye. I think he thought I was just enjoying the music with a little interpretive dance.
Seriously, this is long overdue, and she and I both need this experience. I have to let go a little, and she needs to have that fun sleepover experience. All I can say about Ida May's night away is---Have fun, Mom! You remember what having 1 1/2 yr olds was like right? I would say I'm gonna unplug the phone after 8:00 p.m., but I won't. You might want to! I'm sure I'll be making more than a few obsessive phone calls. Just joking, don't unplug it or you'll get an impropmptu visit as well!
All this chatter, to say--I need your homemade cracker recipes! I'm gonna make a cheese plate with some of my cheeses and want to do homemade crackers to go with it.


  1. Have fun with your party!

    Here is a link to the cracker recipe I used:

  2. Dante said I should edit this and clarify:
    I'm gonna need a few drinks of DIET SPRITE or FRUIT PUNCH. Just so you don't get the wrong idea....

  3. Woohoo! Party time!

    Like Tammy, I blogged about my recent cracker experiences. I think next time I do the recipe I'm going to omit the yeast entirely and see what happens. The crackers are very crispy!

    Have a blast!

  4. I remember a story about high heels and milking cows! ;-)

  5. That's so funny you bring that up! Zoie asked where my red heels are, and told me that Gale, the cow that was involved in the infamous wine, high heels, milking escapade was less than impressed! I seemed to recall that I had a good time....
    Thanks for the cracker recipes. I bet my sister, Erika has got one too.

  6. I'm late to the party, but can't add anything better than what every one else has suggested to help you feel any better. Of course, you will be overwhelmed, and perfect, and not perfect and covered in cow manure and whey. But that is what makes you, you and your cows will never let on what you have told them ;)

    It sounds like your party will be fun, if you can let yourself relax a little girl ;)... your kids will be in good hands. Have a great time and here is a link to the Bob's Red Mill site. Great recipes, and this rye one is one of our favorites.

  7. I have a recipe that I have been dying to try - if you want it let me know. I have not tried it personally but suspect it is a good one...

    Adult conversation and food - sounds like a dream right now.... I have had one night since becoming a parent that my little ones have not been with me.... I know I have a few years to go to catch up with you but I can certainly say I know how it feels and I hope you put on those red heels and show them a good time on the farm - God knows if you dance like Dad they will not ask about entertainement the next time you host an event!

  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Erika! I forgot about Dad's dancing. Dante told me I was kinda like a female version of Dad.

    Pass along the cracker recipe. Post the link here, if you can, so others can see it too.

  9. I dont have a recipe but have u ever read The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald. If not u should.You come up some funny sh**.Maybe u were her in a past Lonnie Booth

  10. Okay, Lonnie. I'm gonna have to look that up! I'm intriqued now......

  11. I made two different kinds of crackers tonight.
    Sending them, along with some of my cheeses, to work with Dante tommorrow.
    Here's another recipe I found.