Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Tie Stalls

I should have at least groomed the cows first! Oh well, I was excited! It is nice to know they have a clean dry place. Silly girls will lay in the mud and muck around the hay feeder if the weather is nice. They just want to be outside all the time now. C'mon green grass GROW! I have a feeling since it seems spring came a month early, that I just might be able to move them out to pasture a whole month earlier as well. If they were back to grazing by April 15th, that would make it only 5 months that they were eating stored feed this year. We managed to stockpile some pasture last Fall and they were grazing exclusively right up to November 15th.
A major plus for me, NO MORE MANURE cleaning as soon as they move out. I spend a lot of time right now just cleaning up poop......I'm sure I could find something else to do! Oh, 2 of my crocus bloomed today and I saw a whole flock of robins! Spring has sprung, yahoo!!!!!!!!


  1. Very nice! I can certainly understand why you are so excited!

  2. Beautiful girls in a row!
    Spring is definitely springing!

  3. Spring? What is this strange word you speak of? We are currently at 27 degrees, fierce winds and splatters of snow/sleet. Your cows look divine, and you have such a nice barn.

  4. Thank you. Yesterday it hit 70 degrees in MAINE in March! It had to have been a recored setter. I went running on the trails and loved it!
    Don't feel bad Jo. Now I hear all over the news,
    "Back to winter! Arctic blast..."
    I hate all the back and forth. If its warming up, I just wan't it to stay that way.