Saturday, March 27, 2010

MORE New Babies !

It has been a busy week with all the joy, but also work that new babies bring. Our cat, "Gooseberry" had 4 kittens. She is a sweet but rather bizarre cat. I had no idea how this motherhood thing was going to go with her. I reluctantly had to break the news of the impending births to Dante by saying, "I have bad news and good news. Gooseberry is pregnant but I'm NOT!" He still wasn't happy, but what are you going to do? The cats are barncats because of Dante and Jude's allergies. We couldn't get Gooseberry spayed in the winter because she lives outside. The cat daddy is feral. We've tried to live trap him to get him neutered but he was too smart. So we have 4 tiny, adorable kittens that are longhaired, and living snugly in a box in our cellar if anyone local is interested. Three are dilute calico females and one grey tiger male. They'll be looking for good homes in about 8 weeks.

Gooseberry is actually doing pretty good and LOVES her kitties. She does keep trying to move them though, and if you run up the cellar stairs after visiting, she immediately assumes you are running because you've stolen a kitten and will give chase and cling to your leg. I told you, she's strange but harmless.

We also have ANOTHER new calf as of this morning! I was completely shocked that Maddy had her calf. She has a tiny little udder and I should have known, but have been a bit exhausted after the crap that Jules put me through, so may have not quite realized the signs.
Don't hate me but, IT'S A HEIFER! I cannot believe it... I now have 4 gorgeous heifers. 3 born since February! I'm am so NOT excited to milk Maddy after having had an absolutely rotten experience with Jules which is actually still unresolved and all my bruises and cuts haven't even healed yet.
Maddy is much smaller, and much more tame. I'm hopeful.....but I may need a glass of wine to boost my morale. Pics of more kitties and the baby calf, "Margot" coming soon.


  1. Congrats!!! Heifers, and more heifers!! Amazing!!
    (raising a glass of wine in salute!)

  2. A glas of wine before milking sounds like a fine idea! Congratulations on all the new babies...and wow, four heifers?! You are one lucky woman!

  3. LOL, Jess. Congrats on all the new births. Maybe you should rename your farm to "Fertile Valley Farm"! ;)

  4. WoooooooHoooooooooo Glad you are getting heifers!

  5. After all the hard work you've been through lately - it was just time for God to have angels bring you that heifer! Congratulations!

  6. Thanks! Little Margot is just the sweetest, gentlest little thing. I am such a sucker for babies anyway, but she is tiny and furry. Just adorable! I'll report on the milking in a bit. Maddy's udder is tiny, I think as soon as little Margot can take it all, I'll just let Maddy raise her for a few months.
    The kittens are like fat little sausages all lined up in a row! I think I just have another cow and one more heifer to calve by May and then thats it for calving for 9 months. Then we may have some lambs too....