Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charlottes Web and The Blue Hill Fair

In case you didn't already know, The Blue Hill Fair was the inspiration for the fair described in E.B. Whites famous children's book, Charlotte's Web. My Mom and I took all 5 kids to The Blue Hill Fair today. It is a tradition. We went every year when I was a kid, showing up as soon as the gates opened. Now my Mom and I carry on the tradition, and while we don't make it there quite as early as we did when I was a kid, we still get there at an impressive hour and try to wrap it up by lunch, just when the crowds thicken.
My favorite parts are the dairy cattle shows, horse pulls, and sheepdog trials. The kids like the rides. I'm becoming an older goat each year. I actually am embarassed to admit that I got a bit nauseous on the ferris wheel! When I was a kid I went on the highest, fastest, wildest rides and now I'm panicking on the ferris wheel. Maybe because my life is the wildest ride and I don't even need to buy a ticket to ride!
The kids have grown so much, Ayla is finally 36 inches and can get on some rides without me ( be still my pounding heart! ) and Zoie was actually too tall for the bouncy house. This brought a few tears for her and the realization even closer to home for me, that she is growing up.
I got a delicious spinach wrap and an iced Chai tea from my favorite little coffe house in Ellsworth that I rarely get to visit. Now I am exhausted, and am gonna take the easy way out and finish the day with another child pleasing meal, english muffin pizzas. Even Ida May is down with that.


  1. I am smiling from ear to ear after reading about your wonderful day!

  2. Making memories... Did you see any antique 3 legged milking stools? That's been my hunt lately. Well that and antique cow bells!