Monday, September 7, 2009

What Every Woman Wants........ feel beautiful and a wall mount mini wet/dry shop-vac! That's right a shop-vac. I sent Zoie into the hardware store to look for a shop-vac. When she was checking out, the friendly salesman said to her, " I have to admit, in all the years I've worked here I've NEVER sold something like that, to someone so young.......... for their Mother! " Lately while milking it has become a real pain trying to sweep up the stray bits of grain, and mineral dust, and there are a few spider webs in the corners, it got me wishing I could vacuum the milk parlor. I think the wet application will be handy in there as well, I'll have to read the manual tonight. It is a nice womanly touch that the thing is small, wall mounted and comes with 7 accessories!
After our trip to the hardware store our next stop, logically, would be the cosmetics aisle at Rite Aid! Of course ! You know I didn't get out of there empty handed, having gone in with my 4 daughters in pink sundresses! Somehow, Zoie and I get this HAIR brained idea we should color my hair! Mom, are you panicking yet? ( My Mom is a hairdresser, and gets nervous when I pick up scissors because she knows I will and have cut my hair several times actually )
So we hurry home and giggling, send Dante out to work on the fence for another hour and then get busy. This photo is AFTER. " Brown Sugar " is the name and it is desribed as a light golden brown. I thought it would be fun to go brunette for the winter. My hair was already some kind of a dirty blonde, light brown anyway so nothing drastic but it was fun nonetheless!


  1. Great purchase on the shop vac! I really like the hair color! It's a nice color for you!