Friday, September 11, 2009

Weight Loss at 40lbs

Just a quick update, since Father's Day I've lost 40lbs! I still have plenty of real food and fats though. I have to. Farming is just too strenuous to cut that out of my diet. The last couple days my diet has included these healthy fats as an example:
Raw whole milk ( ours )
Raw cream (ours )
Butter (ours )
Sausage and Bacon (ours )
As well as fresh veggies, local eggs, full fat cheese etc. I eat foods that are lower carb and low glycemic index anyway, to be suppportive of Ayla and her type 1 diabetes. We try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible but we're not perfect. You don't have to eat boring, bland food. I've never believed in the low fat diets. You do need to choose healthy fats though, not fast food. I'm eating a nutrient dense diet, just a whole lot less of it.
We all also take our daily doses of cod liver oil. I appreciate all the motivation you can dish out, I still have a ways to go!


  1. AWESOME Jessika!!!
    You are an inspiration!!

  2. Just wanted to say Yeah! It seems harder to eat better, but it is well worth it. Thanks for the update.

  3. Great job Jessika. You are an amazing person. I will be thinking of you Sunday.