Saturday, September 5, 2009


I enjoyed myself today. nothing much exciting going on. My Mom and I took the 3 little girls to a playground. Ironic isn't it? We live on a 150 acre " playground " farm, but they still like to go play on a little playground. Yes, I climbed the rock wall and went down the slide a couple times, much to Veda and Ayla's delight. The sun was shining, cows were well behaved. Henerietta is still too cute, but getting to be a pest! Luckily Happy is an overbearing Mom, much like myself, and keeps a tight rein on her.
I am working hard on Ayla's numbers, and it is paying off. I want this pump so bad, I dream about what Life will be like after! I'm not kidding, I had dreams last night about all the little pockets I will sew on the inside of her dresses and pajamas to nestle her little pink pump safely into.
Now this IS exciting news, my sister Erika and husband Ken welcomed their second baby into the world. Little Lelia Claire. 8lbs and 19.5 inches long. Can't wait to see her!
Tommorrow its off to the Blue Hill Fair. I'd prefer to spend the whole time at the cattle barn but I guess I'll cave in and take the kids on some rides too!

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  1. Oh how fun! Have a wonderful time at the fair!
    I loved it when my kids were young and I could swing with them and slide down the slides and play in the creeks and lakes and watch Disney! ;-)