Sunday, March 29, 2009

Barn Cats

This is Kevin, one of our 5 barn cats. He and his 2 sisters Muffin and Puffin, were born here last July. We also added M&M and Skittles last November.One week last October, we lost their mother and Zoie's beloved cat Blueberry to some predator. They had started wandering pretty far in their nighttime hunting expeditions.

So we decided to turn our nice Amish chicken coop into the cat house and lure them in each night with canned food to keep them safe. The real challenge will be when the weather turns nice to see if the cats still go in their house. We love these cats, not only do they keep mice and rats out of the grain they are pets. We found an interesting article about barn cats and learned that they actually recommend at least 4 barn cats for their own protection, and for warmth at night.
Especially if you have one feral, predator savvy cat mixed in the bunch. More eyes and ears on alert I guess. Less likely than 1 cat to be ambushed.
And who doesn't need to release stress in a healthy way. When I'm milking the cows and there is a cat purring and rubbing against my leg, it is so peaceful! I really do look forward to pouring a little milk off the top for these very deserving felines.

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