Thursday, March 19, 2009

Death on a Factory Farm

Last night while I sat up with sick kids I happened to catch a documentary that was on HBO at 12:00am, called Death on a Factory Farm. This was an undercover investigation on an Ohio hog farm into an allegation of animal abuse. I sat there thinking about my own pigs and the way we care for and love them, and cried through the heinous video of unthinkable abuse. And to think that people just write it off by saying " I love pork " or " It isn't economically feasible" to afford that animal a humane end after all they give us. Frankly I'm a bit afraid of living in a society where anyone watching footage like that isn't moved to tears or gets sick to their stomachs. Remember, most likely any pork you buy through a warehouse, or grocery store unless specifically noted otherwise suffered the same fate as those poor pigs on that farm in Ohio.
Here's a link to a synopsis, if you get a chance to see the whole documentary please do. Compare those pigs with the photo I posted yesterday of Marigold and her litter curled up snoozing in their nest of hay.


  1. Can't remember where I found the link to your blog - but just wanted to say HI! Beautiful animals.

  2. tried you soup recipe, It SUCKS!!

    Mr. Zanoni