Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ida May

Ida May born 08/08/08 at 2:22p.m. She just turned 7 months a couple days ago. She is beautiful, inquisitive, quick to smile and laugh. We love her so much! She also has 3 teeth, and boy are we glad that last one finally came through.

She was a bit cranky, poor thing. Ayla ( 2 years old) calls her " pickle" and " little popcorn". She is almost crawling and presently rolls from place to place. She also says "ma ma", "da da" and "ba ba"

and a whole bunch of razzing and blowing sounds.

No food for Ida yet, with Dante's strong family history of asthma and allergies we hold off. She is a lovely plump 22lbs anyway. Doing just fine on mama's milk.

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