Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Old Wives Tale?

There is an old wives tale that you can tell the gender of the calf a cow is carrying by the way the hair lays on her poll ( forehead ). If the hair lays flat and smooth it is a bull calf. If the hair sticks up or is spikey, it is a heifer. What do you think these girls are having? I vote heifer, which also compliments Murphy's Law. Whenever I breed the cows to a beef breed for chunky bull calves to be eaten, I get heifers. When I breed to Jersey for replacement heifers, I get Jersey bull calves. These girls are both bred to my Dad's Highland beef bull. Oh, Well. Stay tuned, Teeny the first cow is due May 20th, and Beretta is due May 14th. I've had this weird feeling Beretta is having twin heifers. Teeny is to be dried off this Friday, so she can have 8 weeks rest before calving. I'm gonna miss her milk, she gives TONS of cream.

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