Sunday, March 1, 2009

When it Rains it Pours.....or Snows.....Again

Wow, we are in for more snow, no big surprise really. It has certainly been a snowy winter. We attended a farmer's market meeting and then came home to do chores and couldn't get up our driveway. We have our house a 1/2 mile off the main road, mostly all uphill and wooded. This wasn't our doing, but the previous owners. It is very nice and secluded and private which I love, but a nightmare at times in the winter. The road is thick ice, really bad, then a thin layer of snow on it. Impossible to traverse, we could barely even walk it. The tractor has a flat, can't move it to bring a round bale to the cows. We are in for a storm, more snow, frigied temps, they need their hay to generate warmth, so we will have to unwrap it and carry it by armfuls. I would just let the cows loose to eat it, but the hay is surrounded by yet more ice, the cows would slip I'm sure and probably get hurt.
The kids are cranky, tired, I feel similar but want to get out there and start feeding hay. Oh, Yeah-the shavings to bed the cows down with are also trapped a half mile away. Well, things will look better, tommorrow morning in the daylight.

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