Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bar Harbor Greenmarket Menu

Heritage Pork

Osso Bucco
Stew Meat
Pork Kebabs
Nitrate Free Ham Steaks, Bacon Ends, Bone-In Ham, and Petit Jambon
Boneless Boston Butt
Thick-Cut Rib Chops
Countrystyle Ribs, Baby Back ribs, St. Louis Style Ribs- Slab
Sirloin Cutlets

Artisan Sausage Links

Dante's Hot Italian
Sweet Italian
Maine Maple Breakfast
Classic Bratwurst

NEW !!! From the Creamery at Olde Sow Farm.......
Raw Creamline Milk
Raw Jersey Cream
Cream Top Yogurt
-Mission Fig
-Nantucket Beach Plum
-Meyer Lemon
-Hubbard Brook Blackberry Peach
-Half Moon Elderberry
-Strawberry Pomegranate

Cheese Spreads and Dips
-Garlic Thyme
-Feta and Pine Nut
-Herbed Blue Cheese
-Garlic and Chive

Salad Dressings
-Creme Fraiche Vinaigrette

Farm update:
Good news! Teeny calved on Memorial Day Evening out in the field. Bad news is she is a little crazed with hormones and thinks she is a wild Aurochs and needs to hide away her calf in the alders by the brook. I crossed the brook and tried unsuccessfully to fetch her home, of course like all " feral " grazing species, she put her calf in the bushes, hiding in plain site I'm sure, and told him to stay put and he did. She got half way up the lane, about a 1/4 mile and then doubled back at a run and evaded us. When a cow is moving purposefully like that you would be surprised how impossible it is to slow that force down. Sigh, she is behaving badly but naturally. When Dante and Zoie return from market this afternoon we are planning a calf abduction. Dante, ( I volunteeered him for this part ) will grab the calf, put him on the back of the truck where I'll be waiting, and then we'll head for the barn and the lovely well bedded stall I had prepared for the birth. Teeny " should " in theory, trot along behind the calf and then we will accomodate them in the maternity ward for a few days while those hormones calm down.
As if I wasn't flustered enough last night, apparently just thinking of all that milk Teeny has to give, the vacuum pump threw its arms up in the air and waved a white flag of surrender. Uh-oh. I can't use my antique surge milker without vaccuum,thank goodness I had already finished milking Berretta, Happy, and Gale.
I couldn't convince Teeny to come in anyway.
Sad News- One of our beloved barn cats has gone the way of so many of our cats and just disappeared without a trace. Some predator no doubt got him. We routinely, as in almost on a daily basis see and hear owls, eagles,fox, coyote and who knows what else. Our guard dog does well, but he fiercely guards his territory by the barn and house and the cats will wander out on hunting forays beyond that point. That is when they are taken. We are all sad and miss Kevin. I still can't believe he is gone.


  1. Teeny is such a pretty girl! Stay safe with those crazy hormones! I am so sorry about your cat!


  2. Thanks, Tammy. That's why I didn't push it with her while alone. She is normally very sweet and a joy.

  3. Our cat disappeared in the wilderness of East Oakland about 2 months ago. I feel for you.

    Hope Teeny starts to feel better.