Monday, May 11, 2009

Vintage Recipes

I love historical, regional foods. Traditional foods. I'm always fascinated by how much food has changed in just the last 100 years. Found this vintage recipe site. Here's a sampling.

Olive Sandwiches
Prepare the bread and butter as for other sandwiches. It may be cut in squares, rounds or triangles to suit the fancy. Stone and chop as many Queen olives as needed and mix with them enough mayonnaise dressing to hold together, spread half the number of bread slices with the mixture and cover with the other half.
Brown, rye, whole wheat or white bread may be used. Home-made is preferable, but it must be twelve hours old. Sandwiches may be sweet or savory, may be cut round, square, or in triangles.
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The Golden Age Cook Book (1898).

Check out some of the vintage cookbooks too. I feel a new obsession coming on........

Berretta update: She has still not calved. She has fooled me no less than 12 times. I keep sending Zoie out to look for any progress. She comes in, tells me she thinks she is calving, I rush out camera and calcium paste in hand, only to see her stare at me blankly and a bit annoyed. No wonder. I admittedly did shove her through a narrow doorway into the calving stall and attempt to administer calcium paste to a cow who was not calving 2 days ago. As always " A Watched Pot Never Boils. "

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