Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sheep's Milk

I've been checking on these sheep for the last couple weeks when we take our weekly trip to "civilization". I don't know the particulars about what breed they are, but naturally my thoughts turn to sheep's milk. And CHEESE! Real Feta, Rouguefort, maybe a Manchego collaboration with our Jersey cow milk. I've gone so far as to contact 3 seperate farms for some lambs. East Friesian crosses and Icelandics.

Our cheese cave should be done this summer. I have dreams of natural rind, raw milk cheeses safely sequestered in their tomb.
I am waiting on a new stainless steel cheese press and then my big order of various packaging for all the fresh cheeses, spreads, and various milks for the farmer's market season, then we are set. I think. Oh, and it would help if I had MILK! Come on Berretta and Teeny! Those girls are really looking good. Probably the finest condition I have ever gotten on my cows prior to calving. At this point I hope B. can hold on until we move them onto pasture this weekend. Dante has made lofty claims that the cows aren't moving until he fences the 1/2 mile lane between the barn and the fields, but Zoie and I set him straight. The grass is ready and so am I. I LOVE it when the cows first get out in the spring! To see those gals kicking up their heels, udders swinging it's a real treat. I plan to get some footage this year and post it.

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