Thursday, May 28, 2009


Look at that YELLOW butter! I stayed up to an obscene hour making butter and I'll tell you, I've been making butter from our cows on pasture for the last 4 -5 years and it has never been quite that bright yellow. Gorgeous, isn't it? Very limited supplies for this weekend's markets and of course some for us in the house.
Raw butter from cows grazing on rapidly growing green grass is indeed a healthfood. Rich in vit A and E, vit D, antioxidents, essential fatty acids, and cancer fighting CLA. And its pretty. How can you beat that?
Teeny's calf is finally contained in the barn. She went out to graze with the cows, all is semi calm.
Last night's milking with Teeny was brutal. She was absolutely stuffed with milk, I could tell she wanted some relief but was just sooooooooo sore. I got it done but there were cloven hoof prints all over my pants and forearms. Boy, can she kick! This morning was much better, just a lot of foot waving and threatening, on both our parts but we got it done. In a couple days she should be completely her joyous self again. Cows REALLY like routine and I try to oblige, but my life is anything but routine. With 5 kids, one an infant, and one type 1 diabetic prone to life threatening seizures from low blood sugar, my mind is in a million places at all times it seems.
Anyway I've got some great new things from the creamery for this weekend, and the first hard cheeses are aging so look for those starting in 60 days give or take a day. Off to return the kids overdue library books and then back to make some green goddess salad dressing, and plant some Amish Paste tomatoes.


  1. Thank you, Tammy! I'm sure you are enjoying the same golden bounty as well!