Friday, May 22, 2009

Belfast and Camden Market Menus 5/22 & 5/23

Belfast and Camden Market Menu

Heritage Pork

Osso Bucco
Stew Meat
Pork Kebabs
Nitrate Free Ham Steaks, Bacon Ends, Bone-In Ham, and Petit Jambon
Boneless Boston Butt
Thick-Cut Rib Chops
Countrystyle Ribs, Baby Back ribs, St. Louis Style Ribs- Slab
Sirloin Cutlets

Artisan Sausage Links

Dante's Hot Italian
Sweet Italian
Maine Maple Breakfast
Classic Bratwurst

NEW !!! From the Creamery at Olde Sow Farm.......
Raw Creamline Milk
Raw Jersey Cream

Cream Top Yogurt
-Mission Fig
-Nantucket Beach Plum
-Meyer Lemon
-Aunt Polly's Raspberry
-Strawberry Bananna
-Red Raspberry
-Wild Maine Blueberry
Cheese Spreads and Dips
-Garlic Thyme
-Creamy Purple Onion and Basil
-Herbed Blue Cheese
-Garlic and Chive
Salad Dressings
-Creme Fraiche Vinaigrette

Farm update:
Of course Teeny is holding out on me. No calf. Frankly, I'm a little scared of that udder. Immense, vast, burgeoning all come to mind. I think she is starting to get chafed from her udder rubbing her legs waddling up and down our lane twice a day. She doesn't have the nicest udder attachment, but she has wonderful creamy milk, milks fast and is always EAGER to come in and get milked. Like so eager, sometimes you need a stick to hold her at bay so the other cows can be milked.
Gale, my favorite little cow, has now left the overgrown bulls behind ( they are 15 months old and 6 months old , big naughty Momma's boys ), and joined the line up. I believe her to be bred, so she is now permanently seperated from the bulls. She is giving a decent amount too, considering she's been milking a year. She does pine for the boys, and if you aren't on your toes herding them up to the milk parlor she'll double back, cut through a shortcut in the woods, and prance back to the fenceline calling the boys. Enabler. This is why they are to be physically, permanently seperated.
I try to time milking with Ida May's naps. it is much quieter that way. Ayla, almost 3, and Veda, newly 5 LOVE to go with me to " milk the moo cows ". Future milkmaids in the making. Zoie ( 10 )and Jude ( 7 )do a great job " bringing the cows home " or walking them the half mile from pasture to parlor. Zoie isn't interested in milking but that predatory side of hers really enjoys keeping the cows in a tight knit group and herding them. Who needs a border collie when you have a kid like Zoie.
I got up at 2:00 a.m. to make smoothies for the market, and organize the products. Then Ida May got up at 2:45a.m. It was a dance of nursing the baby back to sleep, labeling products, rocking the baby in the dark, assembling coolers, wearing the baby on my back, writing on the chalkboard. Somehow it all worked out. This is the first time Dante will take dairy to the markets. I feel a bit like a Mom sending her kids off to kindergarten. Even though we homeschool, that's what I imagine it feels like anyway.
Today- it is mozzarella and feta making time with the morning milk, and tonight I'm gonna do a nice caerphilly. I am getting into the groove again. Just in time to get lambasted with Teeny's bounty I'm sure.

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