Friday, May 1, 2009

Painting the Place

I must be crazy. Well, I already knew that- but now I think I may be certifiable. Since we moved onto the farm, 6 years ago I've wanted to paint the trim of our 33x65ft log cabin. Since then we have also built an 8x10ft chicken/cat coop, a 36x44ft barn, an 8x16ft addition to the cabin which is our creamery, plus a roof over about a 33x100ft existing foundation that has a wooden face to it. I've been picking out colors, all the newer buildings have green metal roofing. Our house needs a new roof as it rains inside now, I'm not so sure we can do metal this summer. Isn't that typical of a farmer? Get the really good roofs on the barns first!
Yesterday I got a gallon each of 3 different colors and decided to start by painting the creamery first, since it is the only building we are painting the walls on, everything else is left with the weathered siding and we are painting trim, windows, doors. I managed to paint most of the front of the creamery in a couple windy hours yesterday. This is going to take MUCH longer than I thought. I also had to take the kids on 2 seperate scenic tours of Lubec to get Ida May asleep so I could finish. I also realized that both ladders we have are junk, and was thinking in my head how am I going to milk with a broken arm or leg. Then Dante comes home and we take him over to see my work of art, and he says, " Oh, you planted flowers."
Of course today it is raining. That's all good, except Dante trying to be nice, left the water on last night while filling a 50 gallon water trough and we didn't discover it until 9:00am this morning. Oops.
I really hope Beretta doesn't calve today, I'd probably have to put her in the basement to find a dry place to calve. At least the barn is REALLY clean now, if not a bit soggy. She is officially due in 13 days and I am so excited! I had a dream last night she had twins.

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