Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teeny's on Deck

Teeny is up next to calve. She is officially due tommorrow. I predict a bull calf, which would be nice since it is a beef cross. Berretta's baby, Brevi, is so incredibly sweet, but will really appreciate having another calf to pal around with.I decided to let her go back out to pasture and not keep her in tonight. I hope that wasn't a mistake.
Today I realized that our little bull, Wolfie, is getting close to crossing that line where he has to go. Happy is very slow to come to the gate and gets bullied, so I need to be able to go in the field and herd her through the gate. She is acting very strange, I think she lost the calf she was carrying. I didn't get her confirmed bred, but she suddenly overnight weaned the 6 month old calf she was nursing, and came into full production like a fresh cow. She had dwindled down to only a couple gallons of milk a day. Back to the bull, Today he made it very clear that that is his field and he wasn't even very deterred by Dante. He's always been afraid of Dante until today. He is 15 months old and probably 800lbs now I'm guessing. The cows are all getting preg checked in a month, if all are bred- he is gone. We have Brody coming along to replace Wolfie anyway. I have got to learn how to A.I. the cows. I'm just nervous because you can ruin a good cow by simply not getting her in calf again in a timely manner.
I am keeping just a few steps behind with all this glorious milk! I know I need more glass wide mouth half gallon jars and probably 2 more 20qt SS stock pots for making cheese in. I am just doing loads of fresh cheese because I don't have time enough yet to pay attention to pressed cheeses.
Half the herd is permanently out grazing.
2 dry cows, 3 heifers, and my ewe and lamb remain at the barn. Tommorrow I hope to put the milkers on really nice new grass and move the barn girls down. They will be so happy and so will I. I can clean the barn out for the last time until Fall.
My milk fridge is bursting with all sorts of goodies.I have buttermilk and yogurt incubating right now as well as 5 gallons of milk for fromage blanc.
I am so tired but started some things later than usual today so I need to either stay awake until midnight or take an hour and a half power nap. Thing is I'd probably "nap" right through until morning. This kind of tired feels good, and I'm thankful for it. I'm gonna go wash some equipment, and come up with a game plan for tommorrow.

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