Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Ayla

Today we celebrated Ayla's 3rd Birthday. It's extra special and a bit melancholy for me. This officially means she has now lived half her life with type 1 diabetes.
She of course is the little sprite at the bottom of the pic, with her older sisters, Zoie and Veda looking on.
We started the day off early because we just couldn't contain the surprise we had in store for her. Dante left early with 3 piglets for Primo in Rockland. Yesterday, while returning from a family reunion, the kids and I made an excellent find--- a kitten --while Ayla napped in the truck.
She has wanted a " wittle tat " ( little cat ) for her birthday for months now. Last night before she went to bed she lamented that she didn't have a new little cat and we told her maybe the " wittle tat fairy " would come in the night and bring her a kitten. That's just what happened and she woke up to a gorgeous, if not shy, brown tiger striped kitten, long haired and double pawed.
He is named " Jelly Bean".
I made a new round of cheese I'm experimenting with, drained the fromage blanc, skimmed the cream off 10 gallons of milk, made whipped cream for Ayla's cake-- Angel food with homemade whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberies-- and dirtied up the creamery making 5lbs of butter in a hurry before going to the party.
It was a good day, I am so thankful for Ayla and what a Blessing she and all my kids truly are!
The party girl is curled up asleep on my bed, time to call it a night.