Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harper's Magazine Raw Milk Article

Click the title if you've got a few minutes to sit down and read it all it is actually well written. I came across it today while browsing 'The Bovine" blog. I was waiting for the vet, had the cows all up in the barn and knew the cows were getting messy and restless.
The visit was good, our vet commented on how nice the cows look and was supremely impressed with Teeny's production. On 12lbs of grain a day she is producing 8 gallons. She's a small cow too, and only 4 years old. This is her 2nd lactation and she is only 4 weeks fresh. I've got to figure out something soon though, as she is starting to drop weight. The amazing thing is, that even with that quantity of milk her butterfat is 5.81. I'm amazed.
He palpated Happy and she is definitely pregnant. Glad I didn't dry off an open cow. She is bred to a purebred polled Jersey from really good lines, I pray it is a heifer! Drew blood on 4 others to send in for biopryn pregnancy tests. If they are pregnant these will be the first confirmed pregnancy's from our young bull.
I got my herb seedlings planted and tonight in the misty duskiness right before dark we cut the renegade heifers that have gotten loose the last couple of days, out of the milker herd and put them back in with the bulls. It's the only permanent fence we have, as of right now. See how they enjoy the company of those jugheads!
Didn't get the mozzerella done today, but need to hustle and finish tommmorrow. we sold out of my new marinated mozz today at Bar Harbor Market. I did make butter, buttermilk, sour cream, cottage cheese, assorted yogurts and skimmed cream, bottled more milk.
I was hoping to have more done today, but alas, plans change.


  1. Thanks for your help on figuring out the Home Creamery mozz editorial slip. It was so sad trying to pull the curds that were turning to ricotta in my hand. Luckily, I had friends there to help me through.

  2. No Problem. The curds will also turn to ricotta if you have too much acid, as in added too much citric acid. The method I use takes 2 days to make. I don't use any citric acid, Form the curd the 1st day, and then let it rest for 3-4 hours or I let it rest 3-4hours and then pop it in the fridge overnight,this develops the acid slowly and the next day after milking I heat the whey, and proceed from there. LOVE your blog....