Tuesday, June 2, 2009

History of the Surge Bucket Milker

This is what we use to milk the cows. We milk one at a time in a stanchion with our surge bucket milker. I handmilked the cows for 3 years when I just had 2 cows. I enjoyed the quiet, contemplative milking of yesteryear but quickly that was replaced by needing to speed up the amount of time spent actually milking, so I had time to make cheese etc., and also it was no longer quiet with 4 and then 5 kids.
The surge hangs from a strap loosely around her belly, just in front of her udder. My first thought was, " Isn't that going to be heavy for the cow once it is full of milk?" and the someone pointed out the obvious, NO. That milk just came out of her udder she was already carrying it around. It makes sense. The hanging action is actually very helpful, in a smooth, timely milkout. It was a love/ hate relationship at first as they are a quirky, temperamental little machine, but now I agree with whoever it was that said, " Even if I only had one cow-- and she only had one teat, I'd still use my surge!" I love that saying, and have no idea where it came from but my sentiments are similar.
Here's more than you ever wanted to know about the surge milker, and some cool retro pics of this antique milker which is no longer even made.


  1. What a great link! I might have to borrow it for my blog!


  2. Definitely! I usually don't look quite so cute, but have been known on occasion to milk the cows in red heels accompanied by a glass of wine!