Friday, June 12, 2009

Teat Dip Story

Market offerings are a bit thin this week from the creamery. I had about 4 different cheeses going when 7 year old Jude rushed up to me and said, " Am I going to die--I just accidentally drank the castor oil in the truck." I knew there wasn't any castor oil in the truck so started thinking what in the world has he done. Then I see the Pepsi bottle with Iodine teat dip we had used to castrate pigs a couple days ago.
I wasn't too worried at first because we use iodine on the cows everyday as a post milking teat dip and we use iodine to castrate piglets,but this was ingestion. So I call poison control, they tell me to give him milk and then he needs to be seen by his doctor. Call the Doctor and he says better take him to the E.R. Now panic starts to set in, we've had 3 life threatening emergencies with Ayla, I KNOW that fear.
I abandon all the cheeses in the making and round up all 5 kids and spill out the door into the van, and rush the 30 miles to the closest E.R.
Turns out, no need to be worried, they say next time call Poison Control first. Uh, Hello, we did and that's how we ended up at the E.R. They did get a chuckle, it's not everyday even in this rural locale, that a kid shows up at the E.R. for accidentally drinking teat dip.
By the way, we always keep the dip in its original container and a teat dip cup, its only because we castrated pigs, and were out of their iodine spray that dip ended up in the soda bottle. Then Dante forgot to dump it out and throw away the bottle. We have now done that.
I told Jude I didn't want him drinking ANYTHING without checking with me first. Poor guy, he thought he really scored a good find,--soda, that he knew I wouldn't want him to drink and he didn't have to share with his sisters.......

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  1. Boy am I glad that everything turned out all right and that you can still smile at the end of the day!