Friday, June 26, 2009

New Products for the Market

Heritage Pork- Petit Jambons and Bacon are back! We've also got Boneless Boston Butt for pulled pork sandwiches, along with all our other usual delicious pork offerings.
Beef- We finally have ground beef and beef kabobs. Perfect for 4th of July grilling!
Fatted Calf- What is fatted calf? It is an older calf, the same age we butcher our pigs at, that is fed milk directly from a cow, but also grazes and eats hay and is allowed to exercise and be a young cow. It has a beautiful rosy red color but is still fine grained and delicate with a less robust beefy flavor. The fate of a lot of Jersey bull calves on a lot of dairys is not good. They are a small breed, won't produce much meat as a beef animal, and tend to be " throw-a-ways " because farmers have a bottom line too, and you obviously won't be milking a bull. Most dairys use A.I. as well, so his future as a herdsire is reserved only for a select few. We decided to honor their lives, and try to bring back the traditional Fatted Calf, which signifies a " celebration". The Jersey breed may not produce a lot of meat, but what meat they have is rich, tender, fine grained and marbles easily. Those same genes that cause the cows to produce a lot of butterfat, also contribute to well marbled meat.
We have a limited supply but more on the way...........
Veal Riblets, Veal Rib Chops, Breast of Veal, Veal Cutlets, Veal Rib Rack, Veal Osso Bucco, Rolled Roast of Veal, and Ground Veal.

Creamery Products-
Old World Clabbered Cottage Cheese is back! Be sure to try our new Mozzarella marinated in Olive Oil with Garlic and Fresh Basil, also Creme Fraiche. Delicious as a topping for those ripe strawberries that are in season!

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