Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beautiful Bounty

This is a pic of today's buying club order. Right now, I sell to 3 different local buying clubs. It's an interesting model. I still prefer selling direct at farmer's markets, but this has been a fabulous way to market my goods in the off season. Each week I email the 3 different coordinators of the buying club my list of available products and they put together an email listing all the participating vendors goods and customers email their orders. The " leaders " compile and organize the orders, organize a day a week that the farmers drop off their goods and then the customers come and pick up their orders. The coordinators are paid a % for their effort,( they do a lot of work ) payable with food. It's interesting, very grassroots.

Here's what I packed this morning:

9 - Half gallons of Creamline Raw Milk

2 - Pints Raw Cream

3 - 16 oz Plain Whole Milk Yogurts

2 - 16 oz Red Raspberry Yogurts

2 - 16 oz Mission Fig Yogurts

2 - 8 oz Red Raspberry Yogurts

1 - 8 oz Mission Fig Yogurt

2 - 16 oz Fromage Blanc w/ Garlic & Herbs in Olive Oil

2 - 8 oz Cranberry Nut Cream Cheese Balls

5- 1/2 lb wedges of Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheddar

One order down. Two more buying club orders due by Noon on Thursday. Today my Aunt said, " I don't know how you do it all ! " And you know what came out of my mouth? " Well I don't spend all day changing diapers anymore. " That went over well. I think it just might be my new tagline.


  1. Your products look beautiful, Jess. I wish I lived by you! I like hearing about how you organize and run your business -- it's an area I have a lot of difficulty with. Do you print your own labels? I'm trying to find a better label to use for my chickens and eggs (one that is waterproof and where the ink won't run).

  2. I LOVE your packaging, who wouldn't try that? And what a list, I'm impressed. It all looks so good!
    Still laughing at the mental image of you training a sheep, there had to be some wrestling going on.lol

    Isn't it amazing, no diapers, sippy cups, and when they can buckle themselves into a car... It's like they can raise themselves.lol
    Have a good evening, Lynea

  3. Elderberry- I don't print my own, but after lots of trial and error, I asked a label company what would be best for dairy products that I could still write on and have it stay! The trick is, you have to mark the weight and date, and then wait a couple minutes for the marker not to run.

    Lynea- glad your still enjoying the mental image of the sheep milking! Yes, the first few milkings were a STRUGGLE. She had just been shorn too, so I didn't have much to hold onto.
    It was either trying to pull her onto the milkstand, ( I would wrap my arms around her behind her front legs ) she is WAY heavier than she looks, with Zoie behind pushing-- or she would at first try to whiz by me at lightening speed.
    Kind of amazing she's so tame now. Can picture what thoughts were going through her sheepy head? I'm pretty sure she knew I didn't want to harm her, but having come from her former wild existence she must have thought I was just really demented.

    To make it clear, Ida is still in diapers but she's the only one. With 5 kids a couple years apart each, there was always more than one in diapers at once.
    You mean eventually they will ALL be able to buckle themselves in?

  4. PsssssssssT, those dairy products have been setting on the counter since tuesday, ain't you afraid they're gonna go bad?

  5. Very funny! I'd wager a bet, that most of those dairy products have already been consumed by now...