Saturday, February 6, 2010

Should I Stop Blogging?

Sometimes I think I might have to right now. I don't really have much nice to say to be honest. I have no amazing homesteading or cheese related techniques or tutorials to share. My brain is so full of thoughts, that I'm amazed I can even fill my orders or get anywhere on time anymore.
I am classically the type of person who prefers to keep all that less than positive stuff to themselves. I HATE to cry in front of anyone. I also am not very good at pretending. Lately, I'm just feeling like I should probably keep the negativity and the honesty to myself. Things are very hard and very complex right now. I should come right out and address it. I feel like so many of you are good friends but maybe for the sake of my kids, I feel this need to protect them and it won't do for me to blab about it here.
Have any of you other fellow bloggers felt this way? Do you sometimes feel like maybe you've divulged too much information and no one really wants to hear you whine anyway? I'm feeling like that right now. There are always worse things that could be happening, but when it is happening to you it doesn't feel that way.
Perhaps I shouldn't have named the blog after our farm. My intentions were to blog about farming and connect with my customers but now I'm not so sure that was such a good idea.


  1. Oh hun, sounds like things are stressful, so sorry. Only you can answer the blog or not question
    I saw a blog where a woman said she was stopping because her children no longer wanted her talking about them on her blog, and that was all she had to talk about. I thought that was so sad.
    My children are my life and I don't think I ever mention them at all on my blog. Blogging relaxes me, connects me to people I enjoy talking to. It's a journal to remind myself that I'm not lazy , I actually get more done then I give myself credit for.
    As for you, dear. Your blog, is Your blog. Share what you want or don't. We are not paid or given and owe no apologies for posting or not. It is what you make it. It sounds you have a lot on your plate. Try not to beat yourself up sorting through it all.
    Friends understand when you just want to ignore the computer for a month (i know, i've done it)

    Sorry to be so long winded. Just want you to know your cared about, whether you post or not *wink

    Hang in there, Lynea

  2. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time Jessika.
    Life can be so overwhelming in itself that it is difficult to write or feel creative. Take care of yourself and know we are here if you need anything or a shoulder/ear/hug.
    much love, liz

  3. Couldn't agree more with the two ladies who posted above. You do what you feel comfortable with.

    I started out my blog to talk about the farm and the animals but when Josh died, my blog became a place where I could write about my grief, about my love for my son, and about my struggles. I have come to a place where I feel that maybe I should not talk about that so much. Maybe with time, I will completely get back to only writing about the farm and farming. However, I am not sorry for what I have written about my personal life. Yes, it has made me vulnerable and I have even had a few people be hurtful towards me because I have been open about my feelings. You however are in a different situation as your children are with you and what you write about could affect them. So, you must decide if you should write and how much you should share. Just remember that the blog is YOUR blog and you can do with it whatever you want to do with it!



  4. Ditto to what the others have said: do what you feel is right. People are not going to be upset if you decide to take a break, we will be here for you if/when you return. I began my own blog when I was feeling really low, and I figured it might be somewhat therapeutic. I just picked small, simple things to write about and kept it light. If you don't think blogging is helping you, or if you think it is too much to do right now, then don't do it! We'll miss you of course, but we will understand. Focus on what is good for you and your family, and let go of the rest. No guilt!

  5. Hi, Jess -- I have a solution! Create a second blog and make the settings private so that only you can view it. Do your venting there -- getting it all out emotionally is therapeutic. That way you can continue writing about farm stuff on this blog without viewers (read "potential customers") becoming turned off. Hang in there, Cutie -- you can do it!

  6. the balancing of the struggle is what makes for wonderful writing. the rollercoaster nature of life is more interesting than a continual peak or valley.

    don't stop. i second what joyce said. tabitha has started and killed more blogs than i can remember. just don't kill this blog. my reading cannot take another hit like that.

  7. I found your blog because of your Surge and Jersey connection I love to read anything you write I would be very proud if you were my daughter because lady you got "sand" and that's a complement

  8. You guys are the best! I know that I prefer to read about real life, but not everyone does and that's what threw me for a loop for a moment there. I guess I just feel this need to document our lives the way it really is. Yes, believe it or not, I do leave out bits and pieces.
    For me everything is intertwined, kids, relationships, our farm/my business, my passions, our struggles. The truth is written all over my face. I've never been one to lie.
    I'm just gonna try to be more mindful of what I choose to share, especially in regards to immediate family.

  9. Jessika, I can't add much more than to echo what everyone else said - especially the private blog setting JUST FOR YOU to vent of cry if you need to. And as you know, we are always happy to read what you write, good or bad :)

  10. Do what you need to do, not one of us is going to be critical of that.

    If you need to vent, create that safe place to vent. None of us need to know anything you don't want to tell us.

    Regina, who doesn't share it all either