Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miserable Way To Start The Day

These are the stairs I fell down this morning. Heading out to milk at 6:00 a.m. Welcome back to twice a day milking! Just when I was thinking, " I could really use this quiet, contemplative time of day...." WHAMMMMMMMM! Bump! Bump! Bump!Bump! Down like a sack of potatoes (only wearing pajamas ) slipped on the icy steps, a jumble of flannel, stainless steel, purple muckboots----and wouldn't you know it---the blasted bucket full of piping hot UDDER WASH!

Soaked, stunned, and quite p*ssed off to be truthful. Crumpled in a heap at the bottom of the steps, I considered my options.

1.) There is the obviously sensible one--- get your butt back inside and get changed it's winter!


2.) The grouchy, stubborn, fool-headed way. Ignore the pain and the wet clothing chafing you in areas you shouldn't be chafed, and push on--NAVY SEAL --style.

Guess which one I went with?

Surprisingly, I went back in and got changed. I'm pretty hard-core commando-ish, but give me a break! I hadn't even had any coffee yet.....

Ida May slept ON my head, and every 20 minutes like clockwork would yell, " MOMMA!!!!!!!"
In this really screeching voice directly in my ear, since she was already draped on my head like a hat. I was a bit " edgy" to begin with.
I calmy walked in the house, stripped off my soaking pants and barn coat, and left them in a sodden puddle right by the front door. I tell you I got such satisfaction knowing that Dante would be annoyed to find these soaked articles of clothing, just drip-drip-dripping away! Why shouldn't someone else suffer when your ticked off, am I right?

I made it through the milking fine, but COMPLETELY turned my creamery inside out finishing the orders on time. I was really staring to regret having kicked my workout " up a notch "last night. I made it though. Just as I finished washing the last cheesey utensil and inverted the final clean jar on the rack to dry , I remembered the kids!
Where are they? It's too quiet......
Amazingly this is what I found:

Angels. I didn't pose them, they just did it themselves. Makes you feel like your doing something right afterall.

Five minutes later, Ayla informs me Ida May pooped in her diaper, and says, " It looks just like a cow poop! I looked!

Humility is a good thing too. We need not get big heads over our sucesses! I'm glad God has imposed a system of checks and balances over our lives. Makes you a good person!


  1. The prat fall was obviously the fault of the nefarious GEORGE BUSH, If he had signed on to Kyoto there wouldn't have been all that ice and snow out there.

  2. What a great post! I am sorry it was at your expense and I do hope you are all right! I am so glad you got a picture of the kids! Precious!

  3. I'm so glad you're ok, bruised... but humor is still intact!
    The kids look so sweet all lined up. They so know they are helping out Momma. Angels they are.

    Try not to hurt yourself (yes, feel free to thump my

  4. Next time, try falling up the stairs. That's my specialty. Gotta love the bruises... ;/ NOT!


  5. I knew you all could sympathise with me. The busier I get,the more accidents I seem to have. At least I haven't backed into anything with the van lately! Unless you count the snowbank....

  6. Sorry Jess, I thought i positioned the kids good before you took that pic, i had to hide behind the couch so quickly, ida still had book in front of her face:) Lol
    And Im truly sorry i didnt realize the ice before you so i could have gotten rid of it before your tumble, maybe the D&D white chocolate Lattee this am helped?(skim milk no sugar)

  7. Nice try! You weren't even home when the kids were reading like that. As for the icy steps, the white chocolate latte helped a little....

  8. very cute calf. sorry about the accident. it is wonderful to find cute kids reading in a row, especially after the ever perilous "it seems too quite, this can't be right."

  9. Exactly Karl! Every parent knows the dreaded realization that suddenly " it's too quiet ". Usually this involves something extremely messy or something expensive rendered unrepairable.

  10. I love your writing and getting little peeks into your day Jessika!
    Your humor and stick-with-it-ness inspire me and kick me in the butt to get my own gear in shape!

  11. Thanks, Liz! We survived our 1st slumber party last night. As soon as the creme fraiche is cultured, I'm taking a cat nap with Ida May!
    Okay, I lied.......I'm actually gonna go see a barn full of lambs, if it all works out!

  12. As I read this first I can see Mom falling down the stairs and then as you contemplate changing your clothes I see Dad but he definitely would have been stubborn and gone out to the barn with wet clothes.
    And then I myself could relate to Ida on your head and sleepless nights... loved it!
    Want to hear more about the sleepover!!

  13. You mean I'm a mix of Mom and Dad? How did THAT happen? I'll post about the sleepover as soon as I get some sleep!