Monday, February 15, 2010

Practical Sheep Dairying, Chapter 12

Chapter 12:
The Milking Ewe as a Therapy for the Maladjusted and Lonely

Need I say more? I think this is exactly what Zoie was hinting I might be portraying while reading this wonderful book and simultaneously riding 20 miles on a stationary bike, and meeting her new friend's very " normal " mother.

I have not heard a more apt description of yours truly, in quite some time! This has made me laugh so hard, I was doubled over and fell on the ice outside just thinking about it. Every time I pass by a mirror or catch sight of my reflection, I think, " Yup. Maladjusted and Lonely."
Seriously though, she makes a good point about the role animals play in our lives and how valuable that relationship is particularly to children. Animals are commonly used for therapy for a good reason. They know how to LISTEN and comfort just by being near you. Something that is so hard for many of us to master.
How about you? Are you gonna join the ranks of the " maladjusted " with me?


  1. No one more maladjusted than me! ;-) Must be why I love my critters so much!


  2. No, I'm more maladjusted than you, I told my husband I'd divorce him if he sold my horse. ;))


  3. Crazy cow lady, is not a far cry from crazy cat lady. Just less hairballs.
    Lynea ;0)

  4. I haven't seen you at the meetings though... :) Count me in - if I had my cows and dogs I would do just fine with occasional visitors of the human persuasion!