Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zoie's 1st Sleepover.....I'm still Sleepy!

This scary looking creature is called " Wrap your little sister in toilet paper like an Egyptian Mummy." It was a big hit! An even bigger hit when I told them that was their toilet paper for the morning. I had them put it in a gift bag and park it next to our aging toilet.

( Okay, I may or may not have put a shot of Bacardi Rum in my cup of Diet Sprite. Things were getting a bit stressful and I saw no hope of any sleep in sight. )

Zoie invited 4 friends over to help celebrate her 11th Birthday. There was pizza, a movie, games of twister, cake and ice cream. We made " spirit flip-flops " in cheerleader fashion. I believe the idea came from my sister, Erika. Erika and I were cheerleaders all through grammer school and highschool. I'm tempted to make myself a pair, only I know I'll wear them to milk the cows come summer time, and probably get my toe sliced clean off the first time Beretta steps on it. I love Berretta, but I'm surprised I have any functioning toes left! She's got a knack of stepping on my foot and then standing there innocently looking around while I scream obscenities and beat on her large gurgling rumen to no avail. Wouldn't trade her for anything though.

Voila! Spirit Flip-Flops!

Then they decided to tell ghost stories. Dante hid in the doorway in his blazing red and white flannel pajamas and made snarling, howling coyote noises. They were on to him. But I found it immensely amusing! ( Or maybe it was the Bacardi talking ?) But the amusement wore off 20 minutes later when I found out it was almost midnight. I had to make the prerequisite trip to the bathroom and tell them to put a cork in it, or else face the music if they woke up Ida May!

The next morning I had lot's of little visitors in the barn while I forked out manure and milked the cows. The cows headed for the back forty, of course, and would only make a brave beeline for the parlor when they knew it was their turn.Funny, there wasn't any loitering this time? They made their contribution to the milk can, and then scrammed.

Sometimes I think I was probably a family cow in a past life. I can TOTALLY relate.

I think a good time was had by all. Zoie napped on and off like a played out kitten the rest of the day. If you knew her, you'd know she NEVER makes it past 9:00p.m. I was sorely tempted to sleep with Ida May when she fell asleep in my arms that afternoon, but surprisingly I got up and exercised instead. Now I know I must be addled with sleep deprivation!


  1. Just wait until they are teens! It gets better and better! Funny thing is, Mike and I were dating and he drove two hours to see me only to find I had a house full of teenagers. (Actually a very small trailer full of teenagers.) I proceeded to go to bed in the back of the trailer and sleep peacefully that night while he "slept" on the couch with one eye opened. I found out the next morning the teens had painted each other's faces with lipstick (one mom was really angry about that) and made thier way back and forth by the couch where Mike was "sleeping" to make snacks in the kitchen. In spite of no sleep and a house full of teens, he married me anyway! What a guy! ;-)

    You are such a good mom, Jessika! Your kids are so fortunate to have you as their momma!


  2. Poor Mike! That was like a test, right? LOL! I bet he was a bit worried they would paint his face too if he fell asleep!
    Ready or not we're headed toward teenagers. 11 is only a heartbeat way from 13. I'm so used to being in baby (and survival ) mode that the older kids getting older just snuck right up on me!

  3. What fun, they are so lucky to have you as a mother! Zoie will remember her night forever! I remember my first big sleepover at

    Have a great evening, Lynea