Friday, February 5, 2010

I think I'm a Soccer Mom Now....

Here's what one of my days this week looked like:

( We are a homeschooling family, but just recently decided to get the kids involved with the school's sports programs )
Drop Jude off for Gym class
Rush home and start heating the milk for fromage blanc
Pick up Jude, Drop off Veda for speech
Rush home and cool the milk, culture it, and water the cows
Pick up Veda
Feed the kids lunch, start the yogurt, wash some creamery dishes
Drop off Zoie for Gym
Rush home, assemble the milk machines and label the milk jugs
Pick up Zoie
Get a few last minute ingredients for grilled sausages ( our sausage )
Back to the school, switch vehicles with Dante
Work out for 60 minutes. Ride almost 15 miles on the stationary bike ( training for the BIG JDRF ride in July )
Drive back home, milk the cows and clean the barn. Bottle milk, cap and refigerate the bumbleberry yogurts, wash the machines, and set the timer for 1 am to go out and ladle the fromage curds into cheese cloth and hang it to drain for 12 hours.
Dante, Zoie and Jude go to pee-wee basketball.
We also managed to study the American Revolution.

A bit hectic, I admit, but we are having fun! It's all about compromise really. I want to continue homeschooling the kids. Dante has always been lukewarm at best about it, and I think he had really good memories of the social aspect of school and just wanted the kids to share in that.
Here's another small victory for homeschooling. My kids, who have never been in a school or spent much time with large groups of kids had absolutely no problem whatsoever fitting in. Actually they said a lot of the kids said they wished they were homeschooled! Hopefully this will be the best of both worlds.
Another eye-opener this week: CUB SCOUTS.
I know girls, I'm used to the emotions and the inner workings of girls, after all I am just a grown up girl, and have 4 of my own, but boys---let's just say I felt like I had paid money to get into the zoo and observe this species of animal through a plate glass window. For one thing there was tons of twitching, rocking, fiddling movement. There were outbursts and singing of " inappropriate " songs for show and tell. One of the highlights was when a boy was asked to interview his grandfather about what he remembered from when he was in grade school. Apparently , Grandpa shared how a fellow student wasn't allowed to use the bathroom and really needed to, so he pooped in the garbage can during class.
It all went down hill after that. I admit, I kept having to stifle giggles and was feeding off all that energy too! Then as we are leaving, we're informed of a cub scout sleepover in the church. Dante says, " Are you going? " I say, " Oh I can't! I don't think I'd survive."


  1. Everyone think gym class is ok? Not much to ask I think, Zoie already has a friend over tonight from that class and peewee basketball, kinda weird actually.

    Zoie's Dad

  2. Dante,
    It isn't too much to ask. I am surprised how much we are all enjoying it! Wish we had done it sooner actually.